RT-PCR Based Analysis t(9;22) BCR-ABL1 p190 and p210 fusion PCR Based Analysis NGS 51-Gene Panel ABL, ASXL1, ATRX, BCOR, BCORL1, BRAF, CALR, CBL, CBLB, CBLC, CEBPA, CSF3R, CUX1, DNMT3A, ETV6/TEL, EZH2, FBXW7, FLT3, GATA2, GNAS, HRAS, IDH1, IDH2, IKZF1, JAK2, KDM6A, KIT, KRAS, MLL, MPL, MYD88, NOTCH1, NPM1, NRAS, PDGFRA, PHF6, PTEN, PTPN11, RAD21, RUNX1, SETBP1, SF3B1, SMC1A, SMC3, SRSF2, STAG2, TET2, TP53, USAF1, WT1, ZRSR2 NGS DeNovo AML 11-Gene Panel CEBPA, DNMT3A, FLT3, KIT, IDH1, IDH2, NPM1, RUNX1, TET2, TP53, WT1 NGS Myelo- proliferative 3-Gene panel JAK2 (exons 12 and 14) CALR MPL (single genes can also be requested) T-Cell Receptor (TCR) Gene Rearrangement-Beta Cytogenetics Chromosome analysis (karyotype) FISH analysis of Myeloid/Lymphoid neoplasms More detailed information and requisition forms available at www.HenryFord.com/HFCPD T-Cell Receptor (TCR) Gene Rearrangement-Gamma B-Cell Immunoglobulin (IGH) Gene Rearrangement t(15;17) PML-RARA fusion Inv(16) CBFB-MYH11 fusion Henry Ford Center for Precision Diagnostics