Oncogenomic SNP Microarray Solid Tumor ~ Full genome coverage and high resolution of > 900 cancer related genes Oncogenomic SNP Microarray Hematologic ~ High resolution coverage of full genome (20-50 kb probe density) Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Analysis ~ PD-L1 (clone 22C3) ~ PD-L1 (clone 28-2) ~ HER-2 (+FISH) ~ Microsatellite Instability Testing by IHC and PCR Additional Testing for Cancer and Hereditary Cancer Risk Henry Ford Center for Precision Diagnostics Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Risk Testing ~ Colorectal Cancer/HNPCC Panel (15 genes) ~ Endometrial Cancer (18 genes) ~ Neuroendocrine Tumor Disorders (13 genes) ~ Familial Melanoma (2 genes) ~ Multi-Cancer Risk Assessment (up to 94 genes) ~ BRCA1 and BRCA2 Full Gene Sequencing and Full Deletions /Duplications ~ Breast Cancer Risk Panel (11 genes) ~ Breast & Ovarian Cancer Panel (20 genes)